|INFO/110106| The Secret Is Out!

6 Jan

Petesamchon (on twitter) has once again leaked some amazing Soshi news to us SONEs. Remember this post and all those hints he gave to us..leaving all the readers on their toes?

Well he just gave us one final tweet and revealed what he was hinting towards this entire time.

Everything will be announced on Jan 10 though, I am glad that I can be the first to leak the news.

Simply SNSD is releasing a new song and a MV in 8 asian countries, sponsored by a multinational company that has never used any celeb for their promotion.

I cannot tweet the name of the company but I bet you can guess it with my previous tweets. It’s a big name company everyone knows. I don’t think the industry has used any Kpop idol before.

I am having high expectations for the collaboration, and it’s going to be another chance SNSD can go one step further for World Domination.

Now..who wants to take a stab at which company is endorsing our girls? This is a HUGE step in the Soshi World Domination movement and I expect big things .  First Kpop idol to be sponsored. The very FIRST. Sheesh, these girls ❤

I’m so glad we finally know what Petesamchon’s tweets were about! As for when the song will be released along with the music video, we’ll have to wait for the “official” news to come out but props to this man for sharing this wonderful piece of news with the world.

source: PeteSamchon@twitter.com
credit: SNSDkorean


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