[NEWS] SNSD chosen as most beautiful girl group by Japanese :

3 Jan

[NEWS] SNSD chosen as most beautiful girl group by Japanese :
The newest poll on “NTT docomo – Mina no Koe“, goo’s mobile ranking service, asked about the most beautiful girl group, active and disbanded.

The South Korean group “Shoujo Jidai” (SNSD) was able to snatch away the first place, just above fellow South Korean group “KARA“.

Idol group “AKB48” got away with third place and the title of being the most beautiful Japanese girl group, but with more than 1,000 votes less than Shoujo Jidai, it is pretty obvious that South Korean girl groups seem to be considered much more beautiful than their Japanese counterparts, at least according to this poll.

Check out the ranking below and tell us whether you agree with the results or not!

Most Beautiful Girl Group

01 – 6,731 votes – Shoujo Jidai (SNSD)

02 – 6,157 votes – KARA

03 – 5,408 votes – AKB48

04 – 1,402 votes – Perfume

05 – 1,252 votes – Morning Musume

06 – 1,233 votes – SPEED

07 – 699 votes – MAX

08 – 523 votes – Candies

09 – 445 votes – Onyanko Club


cr: TiffanyFacts@twitter


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