SNSD is in 2010′s Best Cultural Leaders List!

2 Jan

Korea Herald Tribune Selects 2010′s Best Cultural Leaders – SNSD & 2NE1 in their List!

In the spirit of commemorating the end of the year (as well as the decade), the Korean Herald Tribune chose to conduct some research to determine who they felt were the year’s best cultural leaders. After some intensive studying, 30 people were chosen to be placed on the list.

These people were chosen based not only from the music industry, but through film as well. In addition, these people were selected based on how they affect Korean culture and society and how they are representing the country through the changes they make. They were then ranked according to the points they earned as a result of these standards, giving them the title of 2010’s Best Cultural Leaders.

The rankings are as follows:

1.) Lee Mikyung
2.) Lee Sooman
3.) Kang Hodong
4.) SNSD
5.) Yoo Jaesuk
6.) Yang Hyunsuk
7.) Won Bin
8.) Park Jinyoung
9.) Choi Sijung
10.) Kang Yoosuk
11.) Kim Junga
12.) Cho Seungwoo
13.) Kim Hankyu
14.) Yoo Inchon
15.) Kim Dongho
16.) Park Kalin, Lee Hwakyung, and Jung Taewon
19.) Lee Changdong
20.) Kang Dongwon and Song Seunghyun
23.) Song Kangho and Lee Kyungkyu
25.) 2NE1
26.) Park Kwangwon, 2PM and Park Myungsung
29.) Bae Yongjoon
30.) Go Hyunjung

Source: DC2NE1
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