[News] So Nyeo Shi Dae – Seohyun reveal tricks ‘Perfect’ draw air guitar in the song ‘Banmal Song’ through the list of MBC ‘We Got Married’.

1 Jan

[Newsen report: Park Jung Hyun].

Acne is often the girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae Hyun confession on behalf of software items that he had seen her play guitar in that video. In fact, the ‘Perfect’ top smooth.

On January 1 item MBC ‘We Got Married’ couple aired episodes of ‘Yong Saw’ or CNBLUE-book and Yong Hwa Nyeo Shi Dae – Seohyun. By today, they have recorded music video filmed ‘Banmal Song’ shared commitment to conceive The result is more satisfactory. After a lot of fans appreciate the work of this couple.

In that video. Projected to see playing the guitar a couple of Yong Hwa Hyun and software as well as singing a heartfelt relationship with ‘Dissolution of polite speech’ to one another such lady sings “Here you want to hear me speak Yong polite to you, right darling? You know it’s hard for me. I just want to hear you say Which? “Before the man I replied,” very “sweet style that ‘Saw Yong’.

However, the list today. To reveal that fact Seohyun contribute to singing only. Her guitar skills, because the parties can not have her husband Yong Hwa is responsible for the guitar alone. Let his wife turn up the wind and smooth top.

At the same time During the video recording ‘Banmal Song’ that needs to be reset several Yong Hwa Tech makes no less upset. Until one of those regular host particulars mentioned tease Park Min Sun, Yong Hwa as young boy I do not wrong. Swing head centrifuge head at what he does not enter the “satirical Sian guitar for this.

Source:. Newsen.
Thai Translation:. Translator. Gang. LL. SOSHIFANCLUB. LL. Http://www.soshifanclub.com.



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