SNSD is fly… like a G550?

31 Dec

As we previously reportedSM Entertainment chartered a private plane through Excel Airways in order to meet their year-end music schedules in Korea and Japan.

Through the use of this private jet, the girls were able to attend both the TBS ‘Japan Record Awards’and the 2010 ‘KBS Music Festival‘, which were both held on the same night.

It was recently revealed that this chartered plane was actually a Gulfstream 550 (G550). For those of you that don’t know, the Gulfstream G550 is a $50 million jet manufactured by the General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace unit in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. A stable of Fortune 500 CEO’s, Gulfstream was recently brought into the public spotlight through Far⋆East Movement’s Billboard Chart Topping single ‘Like a G6′ (Gulfstream 650).

The girls are extremely busy but at least they’re going around in luxury, comfort and style.

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Ultra tight schedule moving from Japan to Korea on the 30th
* 11:00am Rehearsal for the Japan Record Awards live show
* 6:53pm Performed “Gee” on the Japan Record Awards live show
* 6:56pm Ran back to the waiting room to change clothes
* 7:05pm Got in vans and left for Haneda Airport
* 7:38pm Arrived at Haneda Airport
* 8:10pm Got onto the chartered plane and took off heading to Korea
* 10:10pm Arrived at Seoul, Gimpo Airport
* 11:50pm Started performance in the KBS hall

cr; Hiros2008



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