TaeYeon’s Crazy Vocal and YoonA’s Real Face, SNSD Domination?

21 Dec

People are supporting TaeYeon by comparing her to IU, who can sing 3 octaves and thus is known for crazy vocals. On online communities, a MR removed version of “I Love You (Athena OST)” by TaeYeon was released lately. The netizens use the MR removals in order to determine the singer’s vocals.


TaeYeon showed stable and improved vocals in the MR removed version of “I Love You”. The netizens who came across this video stated “I never knew TaeYeon’s vocal was this good.” “Amazing.” “TaeYeon broke my stereotype that idols are bad at vocals.” And also praised TaeYeon by saying that TaeYeon’s vocal is good enough to compete with that of IU.


On the same day, 17th, Kim Ih Nah, who is known for writing hit songs, revealed her impressions on seeing YoonA. On the 17th, Kim Ih Nah tweeted “Wherever SNSD goes, people open a way for them and there are light around them. I think that they came from heaven.” and showed her awe on SNSD. “Especially YoonA’s face was beautiful, after seeing her, I start avoiding mirrors,” she left a message that praised YoonA’s appearance.


By praising TaeYeon’s vocals and YoonA’s appearance, it clearly shows that SNSD is dominating right now.



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