Yuri’s Surprise Birthday Party CompiLation

5 Dec

Tiffany’s hair is brown now!
Ham (her pink cast) was taken off but instead she had to wear a protection guard for support.
Sooyoung said that when she first saw the protection guard, she thought Tiffany was wearing sexy clothes.
She thought she was wearing sexy clothes in honor of taking off her cast.
However Hyoyeon wasn’t there….
They said she had to take care of something at home! It’s not a big issue. To be honest, the members didn’t know exactly what it was!

They sang happy birthday.

Cake cutting time. On top of the cake was a ribbon for decoration
So that they can cut the cake, Sica took off the ribbon and said “If it’s there, it will hurt Yuri”
Yuri took off her scarf with a frown just in case she got cake on it

Yuri was focused on cutting the cake. During this time, Soonkyu was doing a countdown with her fingers. When it stopped, all of their hands pushed down on Yuri’s head. Yuri’s waist strength is no joke! She was trying to resist. Therefore they just got the cake and smashed it on her face.

When the cake fell down, I think it was Taengoo? looked at the cake with sympathy
And Sica ate it….. “Cake that fell down is usually good” and ate some more kekekekekkee

For a special event, there as a drawing to get Yuri’s signature
After signing the last three, Yuri thought she was done
But with a piece of paper in hand, one fan came foreward saying “Yuri nuna!!!!”
Then hugged Yuri all of a sudden. Yuri was very shocked.
That fan’s name was Kim Taengoo.

For their usual slogan, in front of the “forever SNSD” part they decided to add a New Years greeting by saying “2011 SNSD” before it, but Yoona accidentally forgot the “2011” part the first time and the second time she said “Right now its SNSD, Forever SNSD” so the girls got mad at her again kekekekekekekkeekke

During the Q&A time they asked not to ask overused questions kekekkee
so the first question was “Japan and Korea….” and as soon as that came out they said it was overused

The second question was asked by Pterodactyl (Sooyoung’s fan girl).
Sooyoung said “_ _ Pterodactyl, go” (telling her to ask the question) so the members were like “that’s her?”
Tiffany told her to come up so that they can talk for a bit kekekekeke
Tiffany said something like that on Inkigayo once too. I think she desires the Pterodactyl ^^
Sunny took a picture of the Pterodactyl kekekekekekkekeke
She does musical planning so she asked if the girls had a musical they wanted to do. They all said they had one



– Taengoo said she was looking down from inside the building and saw them dancing. Taeyeon didn’t exactly know it was a flash mob

– SNSD is probably watching the drama “Secret Garden.” Taengoo kept saying “Is that the best? It’s the best. It’s the best” which is a line from the drama that the male lead character says a lot

– Sooyoung’s fan was at the Surprise Birthday Party ^^

– Sunny took a picture of Sooyoung’s fan, but the picture was blurry.

– Sica was playing around with the helium Mickey Mouse balloon that Yuri wanted and she accidentally let it go and it flew to the ceiling

– During that time, Yuri was saying something to the fans and when she saw the balloon fly away she said “Ah! That’s mine”

– Tiffany was the MC for Yul’s party. She wore protection on her legs

– Tiffany will take off her protection guard during the second week of December

– Sica was wearing a hat at the party. She was squatting down and Yoona kept pushing down Sica’s hat (the part where it sticks out. Sica yelled out “ouch” so Yuri turned to look while she was talking

– Yuri said she wanted to do an action/melodrama movie and the topic of “Secret Garden.” They talked about the female main character Kil Ra Im and as soon as her name come out, the girls started saying Yul Ra Im! Yul Ra Im!

– Towards the end, the girls asked Fany to tell them what she’s been up to since the fans were curious. While Tiffany was talking the mic turned off, but she said it’s okay since her voice is loud keke. For two weeks, Tiffany was unable to wear clothes properly so she thought she was going to catch depression. As usual, our fashionista!!

– Seohyun said it’s time for ogeul (cheesy) time and hugged Yuri. Yuri said that Seohyun’s all grown up~ kekekeke

– Taeyeon did the last greeting. She talked about Yuri’s lyrics. She thought Yuri’s lyrics were going to be more ogeul (cheesy/finger cringing), but it wasn’t so she said she was disappointed keke then on the side Sica was very softly mumbling to herself the “It’s My Fault” part kekeke



Summary of Yuri’s message to Sones at her surprise party

She said thanks for always being there with them wherever it may be. Whenever there is an event, they come to see them regardless of how cold it is. She also said sorry for not being able to give interest to each individual fan. Not only birthdays, she said she will work hard in her activities so that all 365 days may be a commemoration.

They say Yuri was holding back tears while saying this



– Surprise party was only an hour

– The girls asked the fans if they were going to upload the flash mob

– Yuri got caked!

– Hyoyeon was not present at the surprise party. They say she had some things to take care of at home, but its nothing bad

– There wasn’t supposed to be a Q&A time, but Taengoo suggested that they have it and told people who have questions to raise their hands.

Tiffany monitored Yuri’s 100 points out of 100 show

____________________________________________________________________Fan accounts from Yuri’s Surprise Party and flash mob

– [Fan Account] Taeyeon stood in line to get Yuri’s signature keke she called her Yuri nuna and hugged her

– [RUMOR] They say Taeyeon saw the flash mob!!!!

– [RUMOR] Fans has spotted Tiffany at Yuri’s Surprise Party

– Sones left Yuri a pink bicycle as a present in front of SM building ❤


Take [RUMOR] as rumors until confirmed! Don’t want to get people excited for nothing :



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