Yul’s Birthday: Surprise Party Fan Account

5 Dec

Any of the girls’ birthday won’t be complete without the surprise party and for SONEs everywhere, we love to know what happened during the party. The birthday party took place at Apgujeong, Seoul at about 4pm KST and from the fan accounts, it was a really fun one.

The girls were in Japan yesterday for the FNS Music Festival and they purposely canceled their schedule to celebrate Yul’s birthday with SONEs in Korea today. The girls went straight to the party after they touched down in Korea, but Hyoyeon was not able to attend as she has to attend to something back home. Nothing serious, though, according to the girls.

During the party, Sooyoung’s screaming fan girl aka The Pterodactyl (bird-like dinosaur) was revealed. She was well-known among the girls due to her amazing high amplitude and frequency screams during Sooyoung’s parts. Seriously, if I have a chance, I’d like to have an autograph and picture taken with her. Anyway, here’s how The Pterodactyl was uncovered during the party:

The second question was asked by Pterodactyl (Sooyoung’s fan girl).
Sooyoung said “_ _ Pterodactyl, go” (telling her to ask the question) so the members were like “that’s her?”
Tiffany told her to come up so that they can talk for a bit kekekekeke
Tiffany said something like that on Inkigayo once too. I think she desires the Pterodactyl ^^
Sunny took a picture of the Pterodactyl

According to fan accounts, the MC of the event is Tiffany. She took off her pink cast and wore a protection guard to support her injured knee.

Yuri got caked at the party and guess who did it? Sunny did the countdown and attempted to cake but it was Jessica who got the job done. Here’s the lengthy fan account taken from ‘KissMez Translated Goodies’. Enjoy!

Tiffany was the first to enter. Tiffany wore a protection guard over her black stockings. She introduced herself as the MC kekeke

Then the other girls entered but they came out looking embarrassed
Sica, Yoona, Sunny wore hats
Someone said that they are all either bare-faced (no makeup) or looking haggard
As soon as they arrived in Korea, they came to the party.

The girls appeared but only 7. Yuri and Hyoyeon were missing
SNSD said “Will today’s main character come out” and started clapping their hands but Yuri didn’t come out so Seohyun said “it’s probably because she couldn’t hear our clapping”

Then finally today’s main character Yuri appeared!
On her head, she wore some kind of headband~ since she’s the main ^^
Anyways she came out touching the headband and laughing in her euhunghung

Yuri said yesterday in Japan they had an award? festival (<—she really said it like this keke) and rode the airplane today and came here right away.

She said that they were originally not supposed to spend 12/05 in Korea
They had a schedule in Japan but it got cancelled so that’s why they were able to do the surprise party.
Yuri said she was happy to spend her birthday with everyone in Korea

Tiffany was sitting down.
She said since she’s an MC, she will sit and do it kekekkekee

As soon as they came out, they did cake cutting
MC Tiffany told her managers to hurry and get them the cake
The manager brought out the cake so Taengoo said “He is our manager Kim ___ Duk” announcing his real name and laughed kekekeke

We all sang happy birthday and SNSD said “Tell Me Your Wish”
So Yuri prayed and blew out the candles

While cutting, Yuri said it was a waste to cut the cake so Sooyoung? or someone said “It’s okay, it’s going to end up on your face” kekekkekekekeke

There was a red ribbon in the middle of the cake. Yuri was being careful not to cut it but maknae told her to just cut it. But Sica took it off saying “Ribbon is going to be hurt” kekekekke
Then Sooyoung sang “Hurt” by 2ne1 without stopping so Tiffany told her to stop singing kekekekkee

In the back Sunny countdown with her fingers 5,4,3,2,1 and pushed Yuri’s head but not wanting to go down Yuri resisted it kekekekeke eventually Sica grabbed the cake and buried it into Yuri’s face kekekekkeke

Later Sooyoung said that Yuri resisting to not get caked was funny kekekeke

Only half the cake was left on the table and the other half was on the floor
A few of them went and ate the cake on the floor

Sunny while pointing to the cake on the floor “Later that…. ah never mind”
Were you trying to give the cake on the floor to Sone??? kekekekekkekekeke

We hope you enjoy reading these fan accounts and we would like to wish Yuri a very happy birthday once again.

Credit: Yurui912@Twitter/kissmez.tumblr.com

CREDITS TO:http://snsddaily.wordpress.com/


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